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Our design agency provides a wide range of services to businesses in Rochester, NY, and beyond. Whether you need a custom logo design or a corporate identity system, our goal is to help your company thrive.

Corporate Identity


Identity Design Experts

While branding focuses on the emotional connection your customers have with your products or services, your corporate identity encompasses the entire sensory experience that your audience has with your business—primarily its visual components. Your identity design also takes into consideration the overall tone and personality of your messaging across all interactions with your customers.

Corporate Identity Services

  • Corporate identity strategy and design
  • Logo design and key messaging development
  • Stationery design (business cards, letterhead)
  • Marketing materials (brochures, sell sheets)
  • Website design and development
  • Digital marketing (e-marketing, social media)
  • Advertising concept and design (print ads, banners)
  • PowerPoint and multi-media presentations

Corporate ID Components

Here are a few examples of what may be included in your corporate identity: business cards, stationery, presentation folders, printed and digital marketing, advertising, social media sites, signage, and even your office decor. Anywhere that your audience experiences your brand, you need to present yourself with one brand voice and consistent visual cues. We have developed successful corporate identity design campaigns for a wide range of clients, industries, and budgets.

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Logo Design

Your logo design is the star player and acts as the cornerstone for all of your corporate identity initiatives. The components of your logo—colors, typography, messaging, and imagery—are utilized throughout your marketing materials and everywhere your brand is experienced. Therefore, it’s vital that your logo reflects the values and vision of your brand.

Business Cards and Stationery

First impressions are important. The minute you hand a potential customer your business card, he/she forms an impression about you and your business. That's why it’s important to have a graphic design professional create a well-branded corporate identity design package, which may include business cards, stationery, envelopes, office forms, labels, and more.

Integrated Marketing Tactics

The goal of a strategic corporate identity initiative is to translate your visual graphics and messaging onto all of your printed and digital marketing materials to give your business a competitive edge. Dunn and Rice Design will develop a corporate identity rollout strategy for your business that can be executed in manageable phases to accommodate your budget.

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